FreshMonk is changing the way customizable products are bought and sold. If a product can be customized quickly and just-in-time, it can be pre-sold with FreshMonk.

Pre-selling beats retailing

It removes the investment, the risk and the wastage that comes from producing first and selling later. With FreshMonk, you just design, set a price and profit and promote your link. FreshMonk collects individual buyer orders, produces them, ships them, handles customer service and sends you a check for the profit.

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FreshMonk was incorporated in 2014 in India and Singapore

Since then, we have been working really hard . . .


Worth of products sold every year


Buyers and still counting


Countries served


Profit made by sellers

Soon expanding to tote bags, full-sleeve shirts, mugs and other products that can be customized just-in-time.

Traditional Retailing/E-Commerce

Guess what you'd like to sell ? How many pieces ? And in which colors and sizes ?

Invest Money and Produce. You will overproduce.

Find Buyers, Ship Products and Provide Customer Service.

Write-off losses from unsold, wasted inventory.

Pre-Selling with FreshMonk

Design your custom product, Set a price and profit for it.

Promote your designs on social media.

Buyers place exact orders in the size and color they want.

FreshMonk produces, delivers and sends you the profit.