Make upto 60% profits by becoming Freshmonk Affiliate

The Freshmonk affiliate program helps you make huge commissions. Sell fine quality graphic t-shirts perfectly matching to your audience’s interests, with ZERO upfront cost. We take care of the printing, shipping, and customer service. We also collect and transfer your earnings into your bank account.

How do I join the program?

Design a t-shirt

You know what your audience wants, design graphic t-shirts and hoodies precisely targeted to them.

Set your own price

Higher the price, higher will be your profit margins. It’s that simple! We suggest an ideal price range of 499 - 699.

Launch and Promote

The usual campaign duration can be 1-14 days. In this period, put your affiliate marketing skills to use. Drive traffic to your campaign page and sit back as people make purchases.

Earn upto 60% profits

After the sale, we’ll make sure your profits reach you ASAP. You’ll receive your money straight into your bank account.

Why should I launch a T Shirt with FreshMonk?

  • We give you complete control over your offer. You pick your own design and price and can make upto 60% on per t shirt sold.
  • Target any demographic. Freshmonk campaigns are totally customizable, so you have the freedom to choose your audience.
  • No risks, no hassles. We only print and deliver what’s pre-ordered, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining an inventory.
  • We’ll help you design and then design better, so when you reach out to your audience, they can’t resist buying right away.
  • Obviously, it’s better than a traditional affiliate program.
Freshmonk Affiliate Other Affiliate
35% - 60% profit per sale 6% - 15% profit per sale
21 days payment terms 45-60 days payment terms
Minimum promotional costs Substantial promotional cost

Success Stories

Ashutosh Singh (Delhi)


Rishabh Gupta (Jabalpur)


Riaz Rizvi (Ahmedabad)

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