How Freshmonk works

Find an audience

Determine your Audience

Find a group of people on the internet who share similar interests, or a community having the same beliefs.

Finding an audience is the first step to creating custom products, as you need to know whom you are designing for, their preferences, their paying capacity, the size of that market etc. to be able to determine the design of the product as well as the price.

Design your Product

Use the FreshMonk designer tool to create your product using text and images.

The designer tool allows you to add upto 8 colours in the design. Adding each colour increases the base cost. You can select as many styles as you want, at no increase in cost. Images should be of svg, png or jpeg format.

Create a design
Set a price

Set the Price

Set an optimal price for your product. Default is set to INR 499 (T-shirts) & INR 999 (Hoodie).

Setting the price is completely in your control. While you set the price, the tool tells you the profit per item and the profit overall. The tool also tells you the minimum you have to sell to get the products into production.

Launch & Promote

You will get your very own campaign page, target your buyers with it and generate pre orders.

Promote the link of your campaign to your audience, who will pre book your product. For every rupee you spend on advertising, you get twice as much in revenue.

Launch and promote
Receive your profits

Receive your Profits

Your profits are dispatched 14 days after your campaign ends.

Once your campaign ends, we produce and ship to your buyers. We calculate the profit on successfully accepted orders and transfer it to your bank account. Update your bank details in your dashboard