• Earn a FreshMonk Digital Marketing Certificate that certifies your digital marketing capabilities.  Gold Certificate (50+ sales) / Silver Certificate (35+ sales) / Bronze Certificate (20+ sales)

  • Earn Rs 150/- or more for each t-shirt sold

  • Top Sellers each month get Rs 25,000 in prizes*

  • Opportunity to enroll as a Premium Seller

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* Interns should have a minimum of 75 successful orders from successful campaigns during their 30 day internship. 
1st place receives Rs 15,000, 2nd place receives Rs 10,000
♦ Premium Sellers promote campaigns using facebook advertising and receive free credits and
in-depth advertising guidance



  1. Launch 8+ FreshMonk campaigns over 4 weeks, working from home, using your laptop. Launch as many campaigns as you want

  2. Research who in India you want to target, how you will promote your campaigns to them, and create designs to sell to them

  3. Promote your designs online (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc) and generate 20+ sales



If you're a graduate or undergraduate in India with an entrepreneurial mindset, this internship is for you. You'll do well if you're creative, enthusiastic and are comfortable with social media. The more entreprising you are with promoting your FreshMonk t-shirt campaigns, the better you'll do. 


About FreshMonk

FreshMonk makes selling t-shirts investment free, risk-free and hassle-free. Design, pre-sell to your audience online and FreshMonk produces, delivers and sends you a check for the profits.

Become a T-Shirt Selling Ninja

Learn and apply social media marketing skills to sell t-shirts and earn upto Rs 20,000/- in 4 weeks.

Get your first taste of running a business, risk-free

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Name University Sales
Parv Sharma Punjab University Patiala 130
Aishwarya Nair K.J Somaiya College of Engineering 12
Pravesh Shah Loyola college, Chennai 10


August 2015