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  • Initial Facebook Ad credits to help you get started
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Help to create awesome designs
  • Advanced Targeting tools

About the Programme

A freelancer's dream is to have creative autonomy as well as high Return on Investment on his/her time and money. Here is how FreshMonk’s Premium Sellers Programme adds value to a freelance designer and a freelance marketer. We bring to you a risk free, hassle free, zero investment business model that does the following:

For the Designer in You For the Marketer in You
Exponentially higher reach for your artwork - A T-shirt is worth a 1000 impressions An innovative use of your digital marketing skills - Use Facebook to sell T shirts
Full control and ownership of your design - Set your own selling price, keep all the profits from the sale A high revenue generating platform - With zero investment on your part, work on your own terms
FreshMonk Assistance in selling your designs - Free Facebook credits + expert help with advertising FreshMonk Assistance in selling your designs - Free Facebook credits + expert help with T-shirt design
A chance to shine - Start your own brand of custom T-shirts store Become an expert in digital marketing - Learn all the hacks of Facebook Ads

Five Things to look for in a Niche

Learn, how to figure out the right interest topic to design.


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Three Designing Tools for creating Best t-shirts ever

Know the right tool for an awesome design.


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Multiply your t-shirt sales with this simple Targeting Strategy

Know, how to set the right targeting while running a facebook advert.


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About FreshMonk


FreshMonk makes selling custom designed t-shirts investment free, risk-free and hassle-free. Design, pre-sell to your audience online and FreshMonk produces, delivers and sends you a check for the profits.

Premium Sellers Programme

A Step towards building your own Brand of Custom Designed T-Shirts