• All of our apparel is made from the finest fabrics from Tirupur in South India, an established source of fabrics for customers around the world.
  • T-shirts are 180 GSM (+/- 5%) and 100% cotton. Hoodies are 280 GSM (+/- 5%) and a cotton/polyester blend. These are high quality materials, unlike throwaway materials available in local markets.
  • Our fabric undergoes international standard dyeing and does not color fade. It is chosen with an eye on softness to the touch. All fabrics undergo a quality process called bio-washing
  • All our men's t-shirts' collars use rib, a thicker material than regular t-shirt fabric, that provides a longer-lasting and better fitting experience
  • All fabric is thoroughly Quality Checked before going into production
  • Our apparel is pre-stitched before screen-printing begins. This allows us to verify stitch quality before-hand unlike traditional t-shirt production techniques
  • The color of the thread used in the apparel is guaranteed to match the color of the fabric
  • Sensitive inner-lining areas are re-inforced with plastic ribbon
  • All completed pre-stitched apparel is Quality Checked before being approved for screen-printing
  • We use retail-quality screen printing on our t-shirts and hoodies. This is the highest quality method of printing that leads to the longest lasting prints. We do not endorse rubber printing, heat transfer printing or embroidery
  • Prints last 50 washes or more before any visible signs of fading.
  • Every possible pantone color can be accomodated in the design on the apparel
  • We only work with screen-printing partners with responsible labor practices
Regular Men's T-Shirt, Premium Men's T-Shirt
Chest 37.80'' 40.20'' 42.50'' 45.70'' 48.80''
Length 26.40'' 27.20'' 28.00'' 28.80'' 29.90''
Regular Women's T-Shirt, Premium Women's T-Shirt
Chest 33.10'' 34.60'' 36.20'' 37.80''
Length 24.80'' 25.60'' 26.40'' 27.20''
Premium Unisex Hoodie
Chest 38.60'' 39.80'' 41.70'' 44.90'' 48.00''
Length 26.00'' 26.80'' 27.60'' 28.40'' 29.20''