Create & Sell High Quality Custom Products, with No Cost or Risk

FreshMonk allows you to make huge profits by selling custom T-shirts to a targeted audience, with no upfront costs. Use internet influence to generate pre-sales, while we take care of printing, shipping, customer service and payment delivery to your bank account.

How It Works

Find an Audience

Find a group of people on the internet who share an interest

Design your Product

Create a design that resonates with your audience.

Set Your Own Price

Higher the price, higher the margins. Ideal range is INR 499-699.

Launch & Promote

Promote your campaign by micro-targeting on Facebook etc.

Earn Huge Profits

Update your bank account details, profits will be transferred on the 21st day.

Why Should I Launch a T-shirt with FreshMonk?

  • ZERO Investment, ZERO Risk
  • Dedicated Seller Support
  • Option to Create Your Own Tee Store
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Seller Dashboard to Track your Earnings
  • No Risk of Holding an Inventory - We Print and Deliver What’s Pre-Ordered

Success Stories

Ashutosh Singh (Delhi)


Rishabh Gupta (Jabalpur)


Riaz Rizvi (Ahmedabad)

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